About Balaton Golf course, Hungary

The Hungarian region’s most mediterranean part is the Lake Balaton and it’s surroundings. The landscape formed by volcanoes which has an affect for the good fertile soil at the countryside. For that reason the region has a long history of viticulture and quality winegroving tradition.

The first 18-holes golf course of Lake Balaton opened in spring of 2008. The picturesque, Mediterranean-like course brings a new dimension of entertainment to the shores of Lake Balaton. The course of varied delineation lies in a unique natural environment next to Tihany, between Balatonudvari and Örvényes, offering a splendid panorama of the lake. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by ponds, reeds, forests, and vineyards. The course is near to the Balaton Uplands National Park, includes the old quarry of Örvényes which is meanwhile qualified as a nature reserve.

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