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Traditional E-FootGolf Cup

Here is the first ever official international FIFA 20 tournament for the footgolfers.

We are working on the new date of the 2020 Traditional Footgolf Cup. Until we can meet again, we give you the chance to write history again.

The Traditional E-FootGolf Cup is an online competition, where the players can stay at home and play against the e-traditionalists on PS or Xbox.

All you need:
Fill the registration form below.
To have the FIFA 20 game on PS or Xbox platform.
Online connection to be able arrange online friendly games (for example on PS the PS+ access).
Choose your favourite club team to compete.

Registration deadline: 23:59 09/04/2020

Right after the registration deadline, the organizers will send out the details. The format depends on the numbers of the registered players.
One footgolfer/one user.


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